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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Upgraded my cell phone today-

That wasn't my plan but tht's how it turned out... My iPhone has been acting up for a month now, suddenly trying to turn itself off, repeatedly trying to reboot itself and generally misbehaving. On 2 occasions I had to re-install the software at the Apple Expert's direction and each time it seemed to fix the problem, until it hapened for the 3rd time last night, just 1 week after the last reset.

I was pretty certain it wasn't a software problem so today I took it back to the Apple store where I had previously been told it could be sent in for repair. Well that turned out not to be true, the phone had to be replaced... Hooverdamm!

So now I have the latest version, a 3Gs and this afternoon I've managed to get it fixed up and looking like I am used to seeing and getting my music reinstalled. There's some new features- the video capability, that I just now figured out how to operate and more still to figure out.

But at least I'm back in operation.

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